Clinical Research Office

The UNMCC Clinical Research Office and the New Mexico Cancer Care Alliance (NMCCA) a not for profit 501c3 ( formed a strategic partnership enabling the NMCCA affiliates located throughout the State of New Mexico to offer their patients access to cancer clinical trials. The Clinical Research Office offers this website as a resource to the UNM Cancer Center faculty as a way to participate in clinical research.

CRO Phone Directory

Who to Call When Patients Have Questions About a Trial

Information/Links for Investigators

Clinical Working Group & Investigator Concept Support – Contact: Karen Gaines, Program Coordinator - 925-0353

Budgeting, Contracting & Billing Support -   Contact: Jennifer Castro, Sr. Program Manger

      - 925-0388

Information/Links for Research Staff/Investigators

Please note these links are for reference only – all attestations are now being done via the NMCCA website (