Brand and Logo Identity

UNM CCC uses the brand and visual identity rolled out by main campus and health sciences. By following this brand and visual identity, we communicate our relationship to UNM and our commitment to health literacy, patient education and health-related research and academic communications.

The visual identity is being applied across all materials as a component of the UNM brand.

Brand and Visual Identity

The UNM brand is more than just a logo, it is the tone of our words, the way we visually tell our story, our proprietary logos and approved typefaces. All of these elements combine to communicate the UNM brand.


A number of templates are available with UNM CCC brand and logos:

  • Letterhead
  • Research Posters
  • Memo
  • Presentations
  • E-Signature Graphics
  • Fax Cover Sheet

Download templates by filling out a template request form. The download information is displayed in the thank you screen of the form. You may also request other templates or needs within the form.

Business Cards

Most business cards are ordered online through CG Printers. Please note there are Clinic and Appointment cards too.

Payment - PCard Special Exemption Approval is Needed
Purchasing is aware that CG Printers switched to Paypal for their online order processing. You will need to put in a special exemption request before the order as Paypal is a third party vendor. Most cards are under $25 for a box. If you will be ordering several times a year, estimate the cost and put in a blanket exception request for the year.

Since printing is considered a service, there will be tax on the receipt.

Regular Business Card Orders 

  1. Use the following link to set up your account:
  2. Use the following link to access the ordering website to order your business cards after creating an account:
  3. After logging in, there are (5) options for ordering cards. Use either #2 or #3 of the Health Sciences options.
    1. UNM Horizontal Cards - RED
    2. UNM Horizontal Cards - TEAL - Health Sciences
    3. UNM Vertical Cards - TEAL - Heatlh Sciences
    4. UNM Vertical Cards - RED
    5. UNM Logo OPTION for Health Sciences / School of Medicine Business Cards - TEAL
  4. After selecting your specific card, you will input the name, title and other card information on the next page.
    • Front of the Card: As you input your information, a business card proof will update in real time at the bottom of the page.
      Sample video of how the system works:
    • Back of the Card: On the Horizontal Business Cards, there is a pull down menu to select a logo for the back of the card — please select the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center logo.
    • Please proof your card very carefully. CG Printers is not responsible for any errors after submitting your order.
  5. When selecting Paypal you will be re-directed to CG Printers' Paypal payment gateway. Click on: "Pay with Debit or Credit Card". (This option does not require a Paypal login account.)
clinic card back side image

Clinic Card and Appointment Card Back

If you need any help with placing an order, or have any questions, please email:

Custom Card Orders

Clinic Business Cards

The clinic cards have a unique back side with additional numbers for emergencies and prescription refills. It also has information in Spanish. To order this card, use the UNM CCC Clinic Card Order Form and email it to

Appointment Business Cards

This clinic card has two blank lines to write in appointments. The back side also has the additional numbers used on the clinic card above.

appointment card image

Appointment Card Front

To order, complete the appointment card form and email it to


Envelopes may be ordered through:
CG Printers, Inc.

E-mail the following information to 
Your Name
Your Email

Envelope Info
Envelope Type: #10 standard stationery size (change if needed)
Logo to Use: UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center
Department if needed (for example, Administrative Office, Patient Services)
Address (modify below if needed)
MSC07 4025
1 University of New Mexico
1201 Camino de Salud NE
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Quantity: 500 qty. or higher in increments of 250.

A proof will be sent to you to approve your order. CG Printers will request payment before delivery.


To retain logo quality and usage, you may be asked to attend a logo usage presentation before being sent UNM CCC logos. Click here to see upcoming training sessions. Request a logo here.

Promotional Items

Order giveaways, trophies and other items with logos through approved vendors. They have the new logos for use – simply note on your order to use the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center logo from their Learfield partnership.

Lab Coat Orders

Lab coats are ordered through Scrubs Direct. UNM CCC coats feature the UNM CCC logo, the name and title in turquoise, and the bear on the sleeve.

White lab coats may be chosen online: or in person at the Scrubs Direct store. If you'd like a brand other than the choices online, email Scrubs Direct your preference and a quote will be sent to you. The prices shown will have an additional fee based on the number of letters and to include the bear on the sleeve.

Place your order by emailing the following:

  • Lab Coat style and size
  • Name with credentials
  • Title
  • A third line for an additional title (optional)
  • E-mail to:

Order turnaround is 10 working days. If you have questions about your order, call Scrubs Direct at 830-2499.