September 12, 2018

Welcome, New Faculty!

By msequeira

Several new faculty have joined us in the clinic and in our research since the beginning of this fiscal year. Please welcome:

  • Leslie Andritsos, MD (Medical Oncology / Bone Marrow Transplant)
  • Naiara Barbosa, MD (Dermatology Oncology)
  • John Durkin, MD (Dermatology Oncology)
  • Dolores Guest, PhD (Division of Epidemiology)
  • Neda Hashemi, MD (Medical Oncology / Genitourinary cancers)
  • Atul Kumar, MD (Medical Oncology / Lung cancers)
  • Rita Serda, PhD (Division of Molecular Medicine)
  • Bernard Tawfik, MD (Medical Oncology / Hematology-Oncology)

(l-r) Leslie Andritsos, MD; Naiara Barbosa, MD; John Durkin, MD; and Dolores Guest, PhD

(l-r) Neda Hashemi, MD; Atul Kumar, MD; Rita Elena Serda, PhD; and Bernard Tawfik, MD

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