October 10, 2017

UNMCCC West Lot Parking – Reminder

By msequeira

With the addition of new physicians and mid-levels, the UNMCCC has experienced a sharp increase in patient visits.  This has necessitated the addition of reserved patient parking spaces to the already existing patient spaces in Rows 4 through 9. 

With the exception of seven (7) spaces on the south end which are reserved for Special Events and Valet parking; the entire row adjacent to Lands West that faces the OMI building has been designated UNM Cancer Center Patient Parking.

Parking for PCC and Daily Parking Permit holders is solely available in rows 10 through 13, and ONLY in a space that is not otherwise designated/reserved.

Visitors, applicants, meeting attendees, etc. must obtain a temporary daily parking permit from the department with which they have business.  Daily Temporary Parking Permits generated in SharePoint may take up to 30 minutes to process therefore, visitors should receive their permit in advance of their visit.

Parking for Event Attendees is available in rows 1 & 2 ONLY.  Parking for events is limited and only available until those spaces are filled.

Vendors and Contactors must obtain a UNM or UNMH Vendor Permit, and may park in row 14 ONLY with a valid Vendor Permit displayed.

Due to parking limitations, there is no parking permitted for students, staff, family and/or visitors of employees in the UNMCCC West Lot prior to 3pm.  

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