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PowerPoint Template


Letterhead Template

Please contact Julie GipsonMelanie Hazlett or Sarah Grelle if you need UNM Cancer Center Letterhead.

Business Card Orders

For staff and individual physicians cards, clinic cards (has appointment information on the back) and other custom cards with the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center name, you may order online at: https://www.orderprinting.com. Business Card Order Directions

For senior leadership cards, please order by filling out this form.

Lab Coat Orders

Lab coats may be ordered by emailing or faxing the attached form with the brand, style # and size at the bottom to:

Scrubs and Beyond
Alicia Lovato, Store Manager
5001 Montgomery Blvd. NE, Suite A-21-C | Albuquerque, NM 87109
Phone: 505-881-7877 | Fax: 505-881-0025
E-mail: store162@scrubsandbeyond.com

Common brands and style #'s of coats ordered are:
Landau - Medical Lab Coat Unisex - 3124
Landau - Smart Stretch Signature Women's - 3028
Landau Men's Full Length Lab Coat - 3145
Grey's Anatomy - Stretch Lab Coat - 2402
More can be found on the website: scrubsandbeyond.com

This location has the logo already setup for embroidery.


Below are logos that may be downloaded for use as outlined in the UNMCCC Logo Policy. Please note that if you want to use the logo for promotional or other events, you will need to notify your supervisor so that the use can be approved by senior leadership.

A few graphic rules:

  • Use the ‘UNM’ abbreviation version only when required due to space.
  • The bear logo must be used in conjunction with the UNM Health Sciences Logo, or the UNM Hospitals logos. They may be downloaded online. One of these two logos must appear with the bear logo in the same document.
  • If only one logo can be used, then use the UNM Style logo with the Zimmerman library icon.
  • Do not use on busy backgrounds
  • Do not squish or stretch the logo
Logo Right click
to download
the files
PNG file
(background is
 UNMCCC-bear-V-200px JPG  PNG
 UNMCCC-bear-V-1line-200px JPG  PNG
 UNMCCC-Bear-H-200px JPG PNG
 UNMCCC-bear-abrv-V-200px  JPG PNG
 UNMCCC-bear-abrv-V-1line-200px  JPG  PNG
 UNMCCC-bear-abrv-H-200px  JPG PNG
 UNMCCC-H-1line-200px  JPG  PNG

If you need eps file formats, please contact the marketing department with:

  • where the logo will be used
  • what the logo will be printed on