April 10, 2018

UNM CCC Now has New Logos as Part of UNM’s Updated Visual Identity


Last year UNM introduced a new visual identity. All of UNM Health Sciences is also moving forward with the new logo, including the UNM Cancer Center. It is essential for health literacy, patient education and health-related research and academic communications to follow the University’s visual identity to further strengthen our University family.

The visual identity is being applied across all materials as a component of the UNM brand.

Brand and Visual Identity

The UNM brand is more than just a logo, it is the tone of our words, the way we visually tell our story, our proprietary logos and approved typefaces. All of these elements combine to communicate the UNM brand.

What this Means at the Cancer Center

The logo will replace the previous Mesa Vista Hall logo. The cancer center bear will not be used with the UNM CCC name as a logo. The cancer center bear will still be present across our materials and has been incorporated into the brand.


The new logo will start appearing on various materials as inventory is depleted or as online graphics and resources are updated.

Items Now Available with the New Visual Identity

  • Promotional Items – may be ordered through a number of vendors. These promotional item vendors are all licensed for the UNM visual identity and have the correct logos to provide you with a proof. You will not need to upload a logo - note when you place your order to send you a proof with the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center logo from their Learfield licensing.
  • Business Cards – until the cards are available online for ordering, you can fill out the business card order form and e-mail it to: service@cgprinters.com. Please choose the front with Health Sciences, and the back with the cancer center name. Also note that current inventory should be depleted before ordering new cards.

Items Available Soon

  • Presentation Templates
  • Research Posters
  • Electronic Letterhead
  • Business Cards – Online Ordering
  • Envelopes – Online Ordering

Please look for future news about the logo either on the intranet or in CC Notes. If you have any questions, contact Robin Johnston.

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