April 8, 2019

UNM CCC Doctoral Candidate Rivera Awarded Grant to Study GTPases in Ovarian Cancer


Melanie Rivera has been awarded an NCI F31 grant. Rivera is a member of the Wandinger-Ness Lab and will be studying "The Role of Rac1 in Ovarian Cancer Metastasis and Niche Interaction." The project's narrative:

Women with ovarian cancer have a high mortality rate and there is great need for new therapeutic targets. The proposed studies will investigate the role of GTPase molecules in the spread of ovarian tumor cells through the bloodstream to the bone marrow, where they may be harbored in a quiescent state and escape eradication by current therapies. By combining experimental and computational methods, GTPases are expected to be validated as novel targets for therapy.

Currently studying under a UNM CCC pre-doctoral matching grant, the new award will also allow Rivera to complete her PhD.

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