November 15, 2019

Time Entry Changes

By msequeira

Dear Lobo Time Users,

The Cancer Center Payroll Team continues to receive Lobo Time edit requests directly from employees. Although the Payroll Team would like to assist with these changes, we have concerns about making timecard edits without manager/supervisor input and approval.

Beginning Monday, November 11th  the Cancer Center Payroll Team will no longer approve leave requests, enter missed punches, delete double punches, or otherwise edit an employee’s timecard at the employee’s request. Employees will need to send all edit requests to their manager/supervisor who will complete any necessary adjustments in Lobo Time.

CC Payroll will continue to support those special circumstances where managers do not have access to Lobo Time such as faculty, affiliates, off-site users, or those whom Lobo Time access has not yet been granted. Prearrangements can be made with CC Payroll if you do not already have an arrangement in place.  In this case, the employee must send their request to their manager via email and the manager will need to forward the request to . This email will serve as documented approval that the changes can be made to the timecard.

If a manager is aware that they will be out of the office on a payroll day, and a back-up approver with Lobo Time access is unavailable, they can pre-arrange for CC Payroll to assist with approving their employee’s leave requests and timecard by emailing and requesting assistance during their absence.

As a reminder, all employees and managers are responsible for submitting COMPLETE and ACCURATE timecards to CC Payroll for review by 9:00 AM on scheduled Payroll days.

If an employee or manager feels the need for a Lobo Time use refresher, please contact and our Payroll Team will be happy to schedule time to go over any questions or concerns.


Thank you!
CC Payroll

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