Education Center & Conference Room Scheduling


  • Use of the UNMCCC Conference Rooms / Educational Center is available to UNMCCC Departments, Divisions or its components and other UNM groups during regular business hours; M-F 7:30am – 5:30pm.
  • Meetings or events that require UNMCCC Executive Leadership approval:
    • Any meeting or event scheduled before 7:30am or after 5:30pm (M-F)
    • Weekend meetings or events
    • Use by community or special interest groups
    • Any event or meeting in the Educational Center that is planning for any food, beverages or refreshments
    • Any event serving beer/wine must have UNMCCC approval, UNM approval, and licensed servers.
    • Any changes to the floorplan, room configuration or layout
  • Application process and fees may be required.
  • The person or department that schedules the meeting or event is responsible for cleaning the meeting space following the event and is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of any property damaged, destroyed or removed during the event.


  • UNMCC can provide IT Technical Support for AV, Internet, and Telecomm assistance for meetings or events. The UNMCCC can also provide General Services and Housekeeping staff.
  • Any meeting or event needing UNMCCC staff assistance must submit a detailed request at least 5 business days in advance of your meeting.
  • UNMCC does not provide administrative support, consumable office supplies or equipment, printing services, or event staff.
  • The UNMCC Executive Administrative Coordinators are responsible for ensuring each event runs smoothly while adhering to UNM and UNMCCC policies and guidelines.

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Available spaces

  • Education Wing
  • Auditorium This is the largest space, offering stadium seating with seated desktops, comfortably seating 150. A variety of audio-visual support, including speakers, projector and teleconference capabilities are available..
  • Boardroom Ideal for medium-sized groups, comfortably seating 25 around a boardroom table. The audio-visual equipment includes speakers, a projector, individual laptop connections, and three cameras for teleconferencing capabilities.
  • Small Conference Room Seats 10 comfortably around a boardroom table. The audio-visual equipment includes a teleconferencing camera and monitor.
  • Education Wing Foyer Seating Area An open area in the Education Center. The foyer is the only area where food and beverages are permitted. The space includes small round tables and chairs which can accommodate 40 persons comfortably. It does not have audio visual capabilities.
  • Education Wing Foyer and Entrance An open space to greet guests and present materials. It does not have audio visual capabilities.
  • Meeting rooms in the Cancer Center
  • Multi-Use Meeting Room A larger capacity meeting room with a large touchscreen monitor for presentations. Audio visual and teleconference equipment.
  • General Conference Room There are four general conference rooms located on various floors of the Cancer Center. Each of the general conference rooms has audio visual and teleconference equipment.


To create a meeting request in Outlook:

  1. Under the Home Tab, select New Items > Meeting.
    A new message window opens.
  2. In the Subject field, type the meeting name.
  3. Enter the Start and End time.
  4. Click Scheduling Assistant on the ribbon.
  5. Click Add Rooms in the lower left corner.
  6. Enter the name of the desired room.
  7. Double click room. It is added to the Rooms > list.
  8. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to add additional rooms.
  9. When done, click OK.
  10. Don’t forget to attach the Event Overview Form.

Request a Room

  1. You may schedule event rooms at the UNM Cancer Center (UNMCC)with a meeting request in Outlook addressed to the email address for that room. (see list below)
  2. For any event or meeting that needs AV/IT Technical, General Services (GSA) or Housekeeping support, or occurring outside of normal business hours, you must attach an Event Overview Form to your meeting request.
  3. Upon approval, Help Tickets will be generated for your event. The event Point of Contact will receive a copy of the Event Overview Form with the Help Ticket numbers for tracking.

IT or AV Support

If your meeting or event requires IT Technical Support for AV, Internet, and/or Telecomm, you must also submit an IT Support Ticket by following the instructions on the AV Support PDF.

Room Email Address Occupancy
Education Center Boardroom 25-35
Education Center Auditorium 150
Small Conference Room 10-12
Education Center Foyer 45
1st Floor Multi-Purpose Room 25-35
1st Floor Conference Room 10-12
2nd Floor Conference Room 10-12
3rd Floor Conference Room 10-12