August 22, 2019

Restart to apply patches and updates

By msequeira

The UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center  IT department needs your help!

In an effort to keep our computers secure and safe, we consistently perform security updates and patches on all the computers in our environment. These updates and patches are critical to help protect against the ever evolving threats that exist.

Unfortunately, many of the security patches and updates that we push out require our computers to restart to complete the installation. This is where you can help.

We need to have our computers restarted more frequently, but we understand that restarting your computer can also impact your daily work. We want to minimize this impact as much as possible; therefore, we recommend the following:

At the end of your work week, please save all work and restart (do not shutdown) your computer.

This will allow the security patches to finish installing without impacting your work. This will also allow your computer to  be ready for work on your next work day. Restarting your computer once a week will allow your computer to stay secure and up to date.

If you have any questions related to this request, feel free to reach out to UNM CCC IT .

Thanks for your help!


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