November 21, 2019

And the Research Day Poster Winners Are …

By msequeira

Thank you also to everyone who submitted a poster at Monday's Research Day event.

Research Day Poster Winners and Dr. Wandinger-Ness, UNMCCC Associate Director for Training, Mentoring and Education.
From left to right: Parker Dryja; Hui Yu, PhD; Sebastian Restrepo Cruz; Derek Rinaldi; William Kanagy; Matthew Schwartz; Muskan Floren; Angela Wandinger-Ness, PhD; Melanie Rivera; Stefan Franco; Kristen Woody; Candace Frerich, PhD; Seema Khattri Bhandari; Henning De May; and Po-Hsuen Lee, PhD

The judges' scores have been tallied and the poster winners are:

  • Parker Dryja, Combination of Tumor Localized PD1 Blockade and IL-12 (p70) Delivered via Viral Oncolysis Results in Potent Systemic Antitumor Efficacy
  • Hui Yu, PhD, Contribution and Prognosis Value of Mutational Signatures Across 33 Cancer Types
  • Sebastian Restrepo Cruz, Tetraspanin Scaffold Regulation of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Organization and Signaling
  • Derek Rinaldi, Analyzing the Contribution of Arf6 to FcεRI Trafficking and Mast Cell Function
  • William Kanagy, Determining the Relationship Between Lyn and Antigen Valency to Impact Syk and SHIP1 Recruitment to FcεRI
  • Matthew Schwartz, Sex Differences in Tumor Mutational Burden and Early Stage Melanoma
  • Muskan Floren, CD82 Expression Promotes Acute Myeloid Leukemia Chemoresistance
  • Melanie Rivera, Rac1 as a Therapeutic Target in Ovarian Cancer
  • Stefan Franco, Masking Ascites-Derived Cancer Cells as Microbes for Use as Therapeutic Vaccines
  • Kristen Woody, Elucidating the Role of Integrin Beta 3 in Metastatic Melanoma Progression
  • Candace Frerich, PhD, Mechanisms and Consequences of MYB Gene Activation in Salivary Gland Tumors
  • Seema Khattri Bhandari, Effect of Ligase I Deficiency on the Replication Fork and Chromatin
  • Henning De May, Enriching Effector T-cells in the Ovarian Tumor Microenvironment Using the Route of Cisplatin Administration (IV vs. IP)
  • Po-Hsuen Lee, PhD, Analysis of DNA Replication During the Re-Entry of Quiescent Cells into the Cell Cycle

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