June 28, 2019

Proactive Privacy Monitoring Solution

By msequeira

In 2018, the UNM-HSC Privacy Office announced a new proactive privacy monitoring solution from Maize Analytics to ensure compliance with healthcare regulations and internal policies.

Due to this 2018 change to HSC policy, workforce members are no longer permitted to look at their own EMR in PowerChart (Cerner)

By proactively protecting our patients’ privacy we will be:

  • Building a reputation for privacy, helping us attract and retain patients
  • Giving our patients confidence in their choice of healthcare provider
  • Assuring patients that they can share sensitive information without fear of bad actors
  • And positioning our organization for long-term success

Maize Analytics reporting and filtering capabilities will allow the HSC Privacy Office to more quickly identify suspicious activities — like snooping and identity theft – and distinguish them from legitimate record accesses. The system will allow us to audit all access to the electronic health record (EHR) so we can identify inappropriate access more rapidly in our efforts to reduce privacy breaches and incidents. The new system will audit all access of the EHR so it is important, per our policies, to do the following:

  • Preserve the integrity of the electronic health record by only viewing your own medical record through the UNMH Patient Portal. 
  • Only access patient health information when you have a clinic or operational need to do so. (Do not review the medical records of family, friends, or coworkers.)
  • Only access the minimum necessary information to perform your job to the highest possible standard. 
  • Be sure to log out of your workstation, laptop, and other devices to prevent others from accessing patient information under your login.  

For more information, please visit the UNM-HSC Privacy Office website.

To access and complete the required 2019 training, please visit your employee dashboard.

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