December 14, 2017

Predicting Behavioral Responses to Population-Level Cancer Control Strategies

By CC-Research

R21 Clinical Trial Optional:  The goal of this funding opportunity announcement (FOA) is to facilitate research to identify individual influences on the effectiveness of population-level strategies that target cancer-related behaviors. We seek to encourage collaborations among scientists with expertise in health policy research and implementation, as well as investigators in scientific disciplines that have not traditionally conducted cancer or policy research, such as: psychological science (e.g., social, developmental); affective and cognitive neuroscience; judgment and decision-making; consumer behavior and marketing; organizational behavior; sociology, cultural anthropology; behavioral economics; linguistics; and political science.

Due Dates:  30 days prior to application (LOI) ;  April 11, 2018;  October 10, 2018;  April 11, 2019 (Application)
Amount & Project Period:  $275,000 total over 2 years
Links:   PAR-18-024

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