January 16, 2018

Policy, Procedure & Guidelines (PP&Gs)

By msequeira

Creating a new policy, procedure, guideline, or is it time to review or revise an existing one?

If so, you will need to start using the Universal Template that has been setup for the Cancer Center.  Click on the link provided to download the universal format:  Policy, Procedure and Guideline Template (it downloads automatically) and use the instructional guide to assist with questions: Instructions for Using Policy Procedure Guidelines Template.   Both documents are also on the intranet.

Using the Universal Template:

Using the template provides a standardized approach. This assures the document will have:

  1. All-important information included.
  2. Consistency in structure.
  3. Document control.

Helpful Instructions:

  • Do not delete headings.
  • If any sections are not applicable, type N/A, do not leave blank
  • Do not skip sections.
  • Use Times New Roman, size 12 for basic content.
  • Use a Numeric Multi Level list for format, as demonstrated.

  • Use this document as a reference and the Policy, Procedure and Guideline Template for creating the document.

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