July 20, 2018

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines Updates

By msequeira

Health Science Policies:

The following HIPAA Policies - Protected Health Information (PHI) have been thoroughly updated.  These policies apply to All Health Sciences faculty and staff regardless of their department, unit, clinic, and college or facility affiliation.

Effective date:  6/15/2018

HIPAA - Responding to Breached of Protected Health Information (PHI) Policy

HIPPA - Right to Access of Protected Health Information by the Patient Policy

HIPAA - Right to Request Amend Designated Record Policy

HIPAA - Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information Policy


UNMCCC Policies:

UNMCCC Clinical Operations Committee approved the following policy on 7/11/18.

Pharmacy - Medication Override for Nursing Infusion Center.


Use PolicyMedical to review the policies above and visit http://cancer.unm-intranet.com/policies-procedures-and-guidelines/ to learn more.



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