February 5, 2019

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines – Jan. 30

By msequeira

The UNM CCC Clinical Operations Committee approved the following PPGs on January 30, 2019

BMT-023 – Vehicular Transportation of Stem Cells

A new procedure that provides instruction for delivery of cryogenic shipping units (CSU) with frozen stem cells from the Cancer Research facility to UNMCCC Lab 204A.  It ensures safe delivery of the product and documentation of the chain of custody.


BMT-011 – Transportation and Receipt of Stem Cell Products Shipments – Revision 1

As a new revision was approved, here is what has been added, removed or changed.

  1. Title Change
  2. Temperature check requirements were added.
  3. Time of monitoring was modified.
  4. Shipping and transportation conditions were clarified.
  5. An addition added on detail instructions for cassette inspection upon arrival.


BMT-110 Cryo Shipper Weight Record- Version 6

Internal Reference for procedure BMT-011, Section 7.0 Internal References.


Oncology Pharmacy Investigation Drug Procedure - Revision 1

A new revision was approved, here is what has been added.

Under Section 3 Content:

#5.1 - Pharmacist must double check that the patient study ID in Vestigo matches the patient study ID entered in Velos.

#10 – Destruction procedure added.

#11.8 – A new refrigerator Helmer Horizon Series HRP256 was installed and now being used to store medication.



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