January 31, 2018

Performance Evaluation Reminder

By msequeira

It is Performance Evaluation time and we are sending this reminder. We are already starting to see them come through our office. Thank you to those who have already submitted!

The Performance Evaluation Process has not changed since last year. Visit http://hr.unm.edu/docs/employment/performance-evaluation-and-planning-(pep)-form.docx to download the form to use. Any older versions of the performance evaluation form will be returned and asked to be resubmitted on the current form. The form is the same for annual, probation, or self-assessment evaluation.

Self-evaluation is required for US-UNM covered employees. View the job titles, under the US UNM. For anyone else, self-evaluations are optional, unless required by an individual’s manager/supervisor.

For any additional questions please contact your UNM Cancer Center HR Team.

UNM Performance Review Timeline

  • January:      Supervisor begins completing performance review form/s and schedules review meetings with individual employees.
  • February:    Supervisor completes review process and submits signed forms to the Cancer Center Human Resources Office.  We will ensure, it is submitted to the Division of Human Resources to be filed in personnel file.
  • March 1st:    All performance reviews are due to HR by 5:00 p.m.

Medical Group Performance Review Timeline

All Medical Group staff should use following deadlines and the newly revised Performance Review and Planning form. The form was recently emailed. (See a PDF of the Medical Group Performance Review and Planning Form),

  • January 31stComplete employee self-evaluations
  • January and February: Managers/Supervisors will schedule reviews with their employees
  • February 28th: All performance reviews are due to unmmghr@unmmg.org for the 2017 calendar year.  Cancer Center HR team is also available to accept the MG employee evaluations and we will submit to Medical Group HR.

Thank you,

University of New Mexico
Comprehensive Cancer Center
Human Resources Department

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