October 8, 2019

PAWS Award — Congrats to Elizabeth Espinosa!

By msequeira
Elizabeth Espinosa, RN

Elizabeth Espinosa, RN, recently won the Staff Council PAWS award. Congratulations!

The PAWS (People Appreciate Wonderful Staff) Award is awarded each month to staff who provides exceptional service to the UNM community. These employees exemplify University values and shows initiative outside of their job scope. 

Elizabeth cares for her patients with professionalism, compassion, and love. She now serves as the primary triage nurse for the UNMCCC and has streamlined the process. Our patients can be scared about the symptoms they are experiencing, whether it be related to the cancer itself or side effects from the treatments they receive. Many of these patients warrant a potential hospital admission but we do our best to keep our patients comfortable at home when it’s safe to do so. Elizabeth is often the first step in that process. She takes the time to listen to each person, validates their concern, and directs them on the path they need to feel better.

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