April 26, 2018

Patient Services Annual Training: The Egg Drop Challenge

By msequeira

On Saturday, March 24, 2018 the Patient Services team attended their Annual Training where they participated in two group activities. Susan Garcia with UNM Office of Professional Development, who served as the facilitator, presented the “Stub Your Toe - Tough Conversations Difficult to Doable” to the group, with interactive team conversations throughout. The learnings from this activity were better approach and communication, less reaction, listen and evaluate, being mindful of each other and staying positive.

Patient Services teams work together on the Egg Drop Challenge

The team also participated in a group activity called the “Egg Drop” challenge. The “Egg Drop” challenge is an experiment where teams attempt to create a device that keeps a raw chicken egg intact when dropped from a height. In this challenge the egg represented the patient, who we assist through the Cancer Center, from the initial referral through frontline services. The team was divided into six groups of 8-9 participants and provided supplies to use for their challenge.  Each group worked together to craft their device and when all were finished, team members were selected to drop the device from the fourth-floor balcony. We are happy to say that each team was successful in keeping “their egg” from breaking.  Good Job Patient Services Team!!

Patient Services Egg Drop Challenge -- Mission Accomplished! All eggs safely landed.

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