March 23, 2017

Parking Passes Needed for the West Lot


It is critical that anyone parking in the West Parking Lot of UNMCC — other than patients and their accompanying escorts — have a valid parking permit.

To avoid a parking violation warning, a parking ticket, or being towed, ask your department's administrative staff to provide the permit before the meeting, interview, volunteer assignment or other appointment. Simply email the name, phone number and appointment date, to the administrative staff member. Staff that can issue daily parking permits:

Belinda Arrambide
Rowena Baca
Genevieve Barela
Brenda Beauchamp
Agnes Dagucon
Patricia Young
Beth Freshman
Julie Gipson
Sarah Grelle
Melanie Hazlett
Laura Jaramillo
Rebecca Lindley
Linda Losee
Trisha Mather
Veronica San Martin

The new Parking Policy describes general parking procedures and restrictions. Please read it for more information.


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