June 13, 2019

Nursing Safe Harbor — New Policy

By msequeira

University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center (UNMCCC) will implement the Safe Harbor for Nurses policy in accordance with New Mexico Senate Bill 82 (2019), Safe Harbor for Nurses Act.

The Safe Harbor for Nurses Act requires health care facilities to develop processes by which nurses may invoke Safe Harbor when given an assignment where the nurse believes s/he lacks the knowledge, skills, or abilities to deliver the minimum standard of care and may violate the Nurse Practice Act.  Nurses may also invoke Safe Harbor when they question the reasonableness of another health care provider’s order the nurse is required to execute.

UNMCCC is prohibited from retaliating, demoting, suspending, terminating, disciplining, discriminating against, or reporting any action to the Board of Nursing when a nurse makes a good faith request for Safe Harbor.

Download the Nursing Safe Harbor Review Request Form. You can download this form anytime from the intranet, under “Helpful Links.”

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