February 20, 2018

NM Jackpot Weight-Loss Challenge


The New Mexico Jackpot Weight-Loss Challenge has begun, but it’s not too late to sign up! During this 12-week challenge, your team will work to achieve an average weight loss of 6% or more and win a share of the jackpot! Right now the Jackpot is at $8,910 and still growing! Join us and compete against New Mexico State University, Las Cruces Public Schools, and Farmington Public Schools.

How it Works

Get a team of 4-9 (co-workers, family, friends), lose weight, and gain a healthier lifestyle in a fun and effective environment. No team? No problem – Healthywage will match you up with one. The challenge costs $60 or $20/month for three months. EVERY team who hits their weight loss goal of 6% or more wins a share of the jackpot. You can weigh-in through the Healthywage Mobile App or contact Employee Wellness.

For more information, visit the Employee Wellness website.

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