News and Notes

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Ongoing Clinic Offerings

Long-Term Survivorship Breast Cancer Clinic (LTSBCC)

All breast cancer survivors who are five or more years out from diagnosis are eligible to obtain follow-up with the Long-Term Survivorship Breast Cancer Clinic. All providers with eligible patients are invited to refer/transfer these patients for annual follow-up. Follow-up in this clinic includes a personalized Survivorship Care Plan and attention to issues faced by long-term breast cancer survivors. Call 925-0339 to refer.

See all Patient and Family Services Support Groups online.

Mosaiq Application Announcements
We would like to notify all Providers and staff of our new Mosaiq Application email address.
This email should be utilized for issues specified but not limited to as follows:

  • Issues or questions regarding Mosaiq applications
  • Duplicate MRN #’s for UNM Cancer Center patients (Please include both MRN’s in the email)
  • Requesting changes within the Mosaiq Application
  • New User Access Requests
  • Notification of staff/providers leaving to de-activate their access to Mosaiq
  • Mosaiq username/password assistance
  • Referring Providers to be added to Mosaiq and all other systems (IDX & Cerner)

This email is accessed by the Mosaiq Application Support Team who will respond to all requests. Mosaiq Application Support may be contacted via phone @ 505-925-1009.

Attention All Mosaiq Users (Providers and Staff):
Please ensure you comply with HSC & Mosaiq procedures for password controls, password responsibilities, password use, and password standards. UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center’s data must be protected by controlling access using strong passwords and other methodologies and devices, such as biometrics and double key authentication.

All passwords must contain the following format:
Passwords must be a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 15 characters in length.
Passwords must contain characters from all of the following four categories:

  • Uppercase characters
  • Lowercase characters
  • Base 10 digits (0 through 9)
  • Non-alphanumeric characters: (! @ # $ % & * _ - + = ?)

Please note every user with access is responsible for adhering to the policy and procedures of HSC & UNMCCC.

Parking Passes Needed for the West Lot

It is critical that anyone parking in the West Parking Lot of UNMCC — other than patients and their accompanying escorts — have a valid parking permit.

To avoid a parking violation warning, a parking ticket, or being towed, ask your department's administrative staff to provide the permit before the meeting, interview, volunteer assignment or other appointment. Simply email the name, phone number and appointment date, to the administrative staff member. Staff that can issue daily parking permits:

Belinda Arrambide
Rowena Baca
Genevieve Barela
Brenda Beauchamp
Agnes Dagucon
Patricia Young
Beth Freshman
Julie Gipson
Sarah Grelle
Melanie Hazlett
Laura Jaramillo
Rebecca Lindley
Linda Losee
Trisha Mather
Veronica San Martin

The new Parking Policy describes general parking procedures and restrictions. Please read it for more information.

Parking Reminders

Just a quick reminder of a few requirements in regards to parking at UNM CCC:

  • ONLY Physicians that have been issued a P-CC parking permit may park in the reserved parking spaces “UNMCC Physician Parking ONLY” on the Northwest side of the building and row 13 on the West side of the building.
  • Patients and their escorts are to park in “Patient Parking Only” spaces and do not require a permit.
  • Visitors must obtain a temporary parking permit from the administrative support staff of the department they have business with.
  • Employees of UNM CCC are not permitted to be issued a daily Temporary Parking Permit for any reason.
  • Employees with a valid state issued accessible parking placard, that is issued in the employee’s name, may park in any designated Employee Accessible parking space, or any available parking space in the West Parking Lot that is NOT otherwise restricted by signage (e.g. Patient Parking Only, Reserved, Service or Official Vehicle, etc.).
  • Employees of UNM CCC with a temporary injury may have their physician complete the required paper work to be issued a temporary accessible parking placard issued in the employee’s name and may park in any designated Employee Accessible parking space, or any available parking space in the West Parking Lot that is NOT otherwise restricted by signage (e.g. Patient Parking Only, Reserved, Service or Official Vehicle, etc.).
  • Cancer Research Facility (CRF) employees having business at 1201 Camino de Salud NE may obtain a parking permit from Melanie Hazlett or Julie Gipson and may park in any of the four (4) designated UNMCC Administration parking spaces located in row 12 in the West Parking Lot.

Please read the Parking Policy and the Parking Permit Issuance Protocol (attached) for more information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Brenda Stubbs, 505-925-0157, for further clarification.