March 23, 2017

Friday March 24: New Monthly Patching Process

By msequeira

Starting this Friday, March 24, please leave your Windows computer ON but locked over the last weekend of each month. HSC IT will apply and install Microsoft updates over the weekend and then will automatically reboot the computers before Monday morning to complete the update process. This process does not apply to Apple computers.

To lock your Windows computer, press the Windows key and “L” key simultaneously. Please keep your computer locked whenever you leave it unattended.

Note: Any workstation or laptop that is not left on over the weekend or is not connected to the HSC network, will begin to receive the latest round of updates the next time the system is powered on and connected to our network. As part of this process, you will see a notification that will provide a 90 minute window prior to a forced reboot. In order to complete the update process, you will need to reboot your system

Contact the IT Department if you have any questions.

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