August 29, 2019

NCI Research Specialist Award (R50)

By msequeira

The National Cancer Institute is pleased to announce the reissuance of the Research Specialist Award (R50), a NCI workforce development initiative. These funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) are targeted to non-tenure track laboratory, core and data scientists whose salary is currently supported by NCI-funded grants. Learn more about these opportunities here.

Letter of Intent Due September 18, 2019

For additional details as a laboratory-based scientist or for additional details as a core-based scientist see the NIH program guide.

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As always, please reach out to the External Relations Branch if you have any questions.

About the NCI Research Specialist Award (R50)

The NCI R50 Award encourages the development of stable research career opportunities for exceptional scientists who want to pursue research within the context of an existing NCI-funded cancer research program, but not serve as independent investigators. 

Applicants must have an advanced degree (e.g., Masters, Ph.D., D.V.M., D.D.S., M.D.) in an area of biomedical science or biomedical engineering and have demonstrated cancer research accomplishments in their primary discipline. Additional eligibility requirements can be found in the funding opportunity announcements.

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