Information Technology

New Dedicated Cancer Center IT Support Portal

A new IT support ticket portal is setup specifically for the UNM Cancer Center (1201 CdS and CRF). When you use this portal to submit an IT Support ticket, the ticket will now come directly to UNMCCC IT Support rather than routing through the UNM-H Helpdesk. The expectation is that UNMCCC IT problems and issues will be addressed more timely.

Below is the link to this new ticket portal. The first time that you connect to this portal, please take a few minutes to check and/or update your Business Card contact information.

Finally, please help us enhance our support and response times by including your office location and phone number in every support request that you submit so that we will be able to find and contact you for follow-up information as needed.

Please contact the IT department if you have any questions or experience any problems accessing this site.

New ticket portal:

What Service Desk? For What How to Reach Them
UNM Cancer Center IT Support
HSC Service Desk H and P Drives, HSC Netid  272-1694
UH Service Desk  Cerner Access
Other UH Applications
 272-3282 Learning Central
UNM Jobs
Other UNM Applications
IT Alerts
RICOH Devices
(identified with a sticker)
Provide who is requesting, department they are from, building and room where printer is located.
DSI Devices
(identified with a sticker)
Include in the email who is requesting, department they are from, building and room where the printer is located.