April 18, 2019

Look for the Culture of Safety Survey


The next Culture of Safety survey will be conducted from April 22 to May 6. If you were hired before Feb. 1, 2019, you will receive an email with the survey link. Please look for the survey and take a few minutes to complete it.

Gaining information about how employees at all levels of the organization perceive the current culture is essential to understanding the opportunities we have to advance our culture going forward. 

This survey should take only about 15 minutes to complete.  We want as many employees as possible to participate in the survey and our goal is to surpass our last survey response rate of 70 percent. All responses are completely confidential and only aggregate results will be reported. We are firmly committed to improve the culture of safety; and this feedback will help us do that.

Please note the following about the online survey:

  • When you access the survey, you can select which language you prefer. There is a box in the right hand corner referencing language, it is defaulted to English but the user can change it to Spanish.
  • The first page of the survey is the general instructions.
  • The next couple of pages are the demographic questions.
  • Followed by the engagement and safety questions.
  • Then finally, the two open-ended questions.
  • Employees should only reply to questions they have direct knowledge of and/or feel comfortable answering.
  • After answering the open-ended questions, the next screen indicates the opportunity to review their answers. Once the user advances/clicks the green arrows, their survey is submitted.

All employees hired prior to February 1, 2019  will receive an email with the survey link.  This embedded link is unique to the employee and cannot be copied or forwarded.  If you are an eligible employee that did not receive an email, please check your "junk" folder to make sure it did not go there. There will be additional waves of email invites that will be sent every few days for employees who did not receive or complete the survey.  If there are still issues after the first week, please contact The Patient Experience Office (dhawkins@salud.unm.edu)  directly. The survey is scheduled to remain open for approximately two weeks. Updated response rates will be sent out every two days.  

Thank you for your participation in this survey!

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