October 26, 2018

Holiday Decorating Safety Guidelines

By msequeira

With the upcoming holidays, here is a quick self-inspection Scrooge List of safety guidelines for decorating your area.

(And they're written as Scrooge himself would have penned them!)

Please contact Gilbert Gallegos if you have any questions.

  • NO decorative electrical lights of any kind are allowed for use in the patient vicinity (i.e., any room where a patient receives care).
  • NO natural cut or onc~live evergreen trees or garlands are allowed.
  • NO artificial Christmas trees are allowed unless labeled or otherwise identified or certified as "flame retardant" or "flame resistant."
  • NO decorations can obstruct exits.
  • NO combustible decorations are permitted. All decorations must be flame retardant and labeled as so. These decorations shall always be kept away from ignition sources (e.g., light fixtures, electrical receptacles, etc.).
  • NO decorations that are explosive or highly flammable are allowed (e.g ., decorative crepe paper or pyroxylin plastic decorations).
  • NO decorations that impair the visibility of an exit sign or portable fire extinguisher are permitted.
  • NO decorations that impair the proper operation of the fire sprinkler system are permitted. Do not attach anything to sprinkler heads.
  • NO decorations may be attached to painted surfaces with tape or staples. Hanging decorations from a ceiling grid is preferable.
  • NO wall decorations in excess of l 0% of the wall surface area are allowed so as not to substantially increase the fuel load.

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