December 4, 2018

Gifts of art or other non-standard items

By msequeira

Many patients and their families have been touched by the care and compassion they receive from you. Some may wish to make gifts of art to the UNM Cancer Center's collection.

If you are approached by a prospective donor about a gift of art, please:

  • contact the development team, or
  • get the donor's contact information and send it to the development team so they may reach out to the prospective

Please do not accept any gifts of art or other non-standard items yourself.

The UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center Development team will ensure that the center has the necessary gift documents from the donor and a plan for display and upkeep before they accept any art or gifts of tangible property.

Contact the Development Team:

Call:     JooHee Berglund (SOS) 925-0471
Email: or JoBerglund@salud .unm .edu

Call:     Lorraine Hare (SOS) 272-4609
E-mail: lorraine.hare@unmfund  .org or LoHare@salud .unm .edu

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