June 20, 2017

Extended July 4th Holiday – UNM CCC Clinic Remains Open

By msequeira

Interim President Chaouki Abdallah has approved July 3, 2017, as a University Holiday.

The UNM CCC Clinic will NOT be closed on July 3.


Here is President Abdallah's announcement:

Extended Fourth of July Holiday

I am pleased to announce that I have approved July 3rd as a University holiday, giving our community a four-day weekend. The efforts of our faculty and staff are much appreciated, and we would like to recognize our employees with this additional day off for their hard work. Since this is a day that classes are scheduled it will require an adjustment to the academic calendar. A more detailed announcement will be forthcoming regarding class scheduling and employee time reporting.


Chaouki T. Abdallah
Interim President

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