January 10, 2019

Exempt staff Holiday pay changes

By msequeira

Holiday Pay for exempt staff on an alternate/flex schedule (ie. 4- 10 hour days), effective December 1, 2018, employees will be paid for their appropriate FTE work time, without the use of annual leave deduction.  Holiday pay is a maximum of 8 hours, regardless of schedule.  It is best practice that when there is a week with a holiday, for that week, employees on a flex schedule go to a traditional schedule (ie. regular 5- 8 hour day schedule), when possible to ensure the business needs are met.

If you need to make any corrections to the December timesheet, there is still time to make corrections.  Unapprove the timecard, make the correction and approve again.  Please reach out to fiscal (HSC-CCfiscal@salud.unm.edu) for any questions.  Thank you in advance.

The process for non-exempt staff has not changed.


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