January 7, 2019

Early K99/R00 Funding Opportunities

By msequeira

NCI calls your attention to a pair of newly published “Early K99/R00” Funding Opportunity Announcements, RFA-CA-19-029 and RFA-CA-19-030, The NCI Pathway to Independence Award for Outstanding Early Stage Postdoctoral Researchers. Letters of Intent are due January 26, 2019; applications are due February 26, 2019. Please share the attached flyer.

The NCI Early K99/R00 program is designed to suit the career paths of postdoctoral fellows pursuing careers in Data Science and Cancer Control Science, who typically require only a short period of mentored research training beyond their doctoral degrees before obtaining independent faculty positions. Postdoctoral fellows in other areas of NCI-supported research are encouraged to apply to the NIH Parent K99/R00 program (PA-18-397 and PA-18-398).

The Early K99/R00 differs from the NIH Parent K99/R00 program in that:

  • Applicants may have no more than 2 years of postdoctoral research experience by the application due date (February 26, 2019);
  • A nomination letter is required;
  • Preliminary data are NOT required; and
  • Institutions may submit a combined total of up to three applications per due date, inclusive of both RFAs: one for Data Science, one for Cancer Control Science, and/or one for “Other Sciences” as defined in Section III, Part 3 of the RFAs. An application should be submitted to the appropriate RFA (Clinical Trials Required or Clinical Trials Not Allowed).

An NCI Early K99/R00 page will be added soon to the Cancer Training Branch website.  Please email Dr. Michele McGuirl (see below) to ask questions or to add your name to the Early K99/R00 email list.


Thank you,

Susan Perkins, Acting Branch Chief and Michele McGuirl, Program Director
Cancer Training Branch
Center for Cancer Training, NCI/NIH
e-mail: mcguirlma@mail.nih.gov

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