December 3, 2018

December Employees of the Month

By msequeira

Congratulations to our Employees of the Month, December 2018!

Kalgaree Fish is recognized this month for EOM because of her positive attitude, and willingness to step outside of her daily duties, and responsibilities. When asked to complete her task she says ok with a smile on her face and willingness to ensure the task is completed correctly the first time. The Medical Records department at the UNM Cancer Center at times can be overwhelming with the amount of work that is expected to be completed daily. Since reconstructing our staffing, Kalgaree has been a constant, consistent employee and can do anything in the department. Kalgaree is greatly appreciated!  Thank you for your commitment to the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center, Kalgaree, and congratulations on being selected as a December Employee of the Month!


Candice Gonzalez, Account Ops Tech III, has been a team member of the UNMCCC Revenue Cycle Professional billing team just under 4 years and took on Radiation Oncology Billing. Although an experienced AR Tech, Candice came in with no knowledge of Radiation Oncology Billing. Radiation Oncology is a very complex specialty, and Candice learned everything from the billing codes for Radiation Oncology to flow of Radiation Oncology treatment. Knowing the flow, which shows how to look at the planning aspects of a course of treatment does not come overnight; however Candice showed her quick learning abilities.  Candice is committed in the resolution of UNMCCC outstanding AR and this is reflected in the dedication and expertise she portrays in her daily work. Candice is detailed-oriented, hardworking and a valuable asset in our collections and overall account follow-up process for Radiation Oncology. Candice’s contribution is greatly appreciated!

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