February 22, 2019

CRF Parking Update

By msequeira

The 4 parking spaces, M191, M192, M193 and M194, may be occupied only with the proper UNMCCC Temporary Parking Permit.

Parking passes will be given on a first come first serve basis. All passes must be requested at least 24 hours in advance. Once 4 spots are assigned in our CRF parking calendar, no other passes will be given out.

The following people are the ONLY people who can give you passes to park in the CRF parking spaces.
At the CRF
Abel Tarango-Prieto, ATarango-Prieto@salud.unm.edu , CRF G23, (505) 272-8547
Sabrina Samudio-Ruiz, SRuiz@salud.unm.edu , CRF G004A, (505) 272-5652
Rowena Baca, RoweBaca@salud.unm.edu , CRF G10, (505) 925-1119

Beatrice Montoya, Bemontoya@unmmg.org , #4635 4th floor Admin, (505) 925-0478

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