March 19, 2019

Congratulations to our ‘Top Docs’!

By msequeira

Albuquerque the Magazine recently published their list of Top Docs, as chosen by local physicians.

Here are all the UNM Cancer Center physicians who made the list (listed here alphabetically by last name).

Congratulations to all!

  • Shirley Abraham, MD
  • Sarah Adams, MD
  • Frances Alba, MD
  • Leslie Andritsos, MD
  • Sanjeev Arora, MD
  • Naiara Barbosa, MD, FAAD
  • Lisa Blacklock, MD
  • Nathan Boyd, MD
  • Ursa Brown-Glaberman, MD
  • Andrew Carlson, MD
  • David Chafey, MD
  • M. Omar Chohan, MD
  • Douglas Clark, MD
  • Andrew Cowan, MD, PhD
  • David Czuchlewski, MD
  • Michael Davis, MD
  • John Durkin, MD, FAAD
  • Steven Eberhardt, MD
  • Jamie Elifritz, MD
  • Anna Fabre, MD
  • Stephanie Fine, MD
  • Kathryn Foucar, MD
  • Rama Gullapalli, MD, PhD, FCAP
  • Joshua Hanson, MD
  • Nancy Joste, MD
  • Loren Ketai, MD
  • Richard Lauer, MD, FACP, FRSM
  • David Martin, MD
  • Jodi Mayfield, MD
  • Gary Mlady, MD
  • Garth Olson, MD
  • Victor Phuoc, MD
  • Jennifer Pohl, PhD, MD
  • Dulcinea Quintana, MD
  • Ian Rabinowitz, MD
  • Ashwani Rajput, MD, FACS
  • Allyson Richards, MD
  • John Russell, MD, FACS
  • Teresa Rutledge, MD
  • Jennifer Saline, MD
  • Satyan Shah, MD, FACS
  • Anil Shetty, MD
  • M. Conor Simmons, MD
  • Heloisa Soares, MD, PhD
  • Danielle Sorte, MD
  • Michael Spafford, MD
  • Christopher Taylor, MD
  • William M. Thompson, MD
  • Paul Vantine, MD
  • Jeffrey Wu, MD
  • Howard Yonas, MD
  • Lizzy Young, MD

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