April 26, 2018

Congratulations to our May Employees of the Month!

By msequeira

Congratulations to Rosanne Henson and Bob Gagnon!

Rosanne Henson has worked for the UNMCCC for over 4 years now as an oncology pharmacist. During Rosanne’s time here she has become an indispensable member of the pharmacy team. Rosanne has recently achieved getting board certified in oncology pharmacy (BCOP). Rosanne continually works with the pharmacy staff to make process improvements and is always vigilant when access medication orders. We want to say thank you to Rosanne for all she does for the pharmacy and for the UNMCCC team!

As our lead Systems Administrator, Bob Gagnon is an integral and important member of our IT department. Not only does Bob oversee the administration and support of our core server infrastructures, he is also actively involved in several important IT projects. Most recently, Bob was a key contributor to the successful Velos application upgrade which required extensive server preparation work, hours of working with the vendor, and on-going interaction with the CRO office staff in order to complete the upgrade. Currently, Bob has been working diligently to try and resolve problems with an upgrade by UNM-H to their Lawson financial application. This upgrade resulted in access problems for staff throughout our Finance department. Despite the fact that this is not one of our applications and we had nothing to do with this poorly managed system implementation, Bob has been working tirelessly to get the resulting problems resolved. Bob’s technical expertise and his dedication to our IT department and to the Cancer Center as a whole is greatly appreciated by all. Thank you, Bob!

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