September 29, 2017

Funding: Building Trust and Mutual Respect to Improve Health Care


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 

The 2017 Building Trust and Mutual Respect to Improve Health Care call for proposals (CFP) will fund empirical research studies to help us better understand how to build trust and mutual respect to meet vulnerable patients’ health care needs. For this CFP, we would define vulnerable populations in a number of different ways, including the economically disadvantaged, diverse racial and ethnic populations, the uninsured, older adults, homeless individuals, and people with complex health and social needs (including people with acute behavioral health needs or multiple chronic conditions). Proposals most closely aligned with the scope of this CFP will go beyond documenting the problem to generate findings that will be generalizable and have broad application across health systems and the field.

Due Dates:
Oct 13, 2017 (Application)

Amount & Project Period: 
$250,000 USD  & 18-24 months

Links:  RWJF Funding Opportunities

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