April 13, 2018

ADA Parking for Staff at UNMCCC

By msequeira

When you properly display a current and valid ADA/Handicapped placard that has been personally issued to you, you may park in any of the following areas:

  • Any designated ADA/Handicapped parking space reserved for Employees in Rows 10-11 in the West Parking Lot.
  • Any regular zone parking space within Rows 10-13, not further restricted by other signage (i.e. Service Vehicle Only, Loading Zone, UNMCC Administration Only, etc.).
  • Parking in Patient Parking is prohibited unless here as a patient or patient’s escort. 

UNM PATS can provide temporary handicapped permits for up to 6 weeks. To obtain one of these permits please follow the instructions below.

  • Staff/Faculty: You may visit Employee Occupational Health Services for evaluation. With the written request from Employee Occupational Health Services we will issue a permit for the duration specified up to a maximum of 6 weeks at no charge. You will need to present us with valid picture ID. If you require handicapped parking for longer than 6 weeks, it is recommended you obtain a temporary permit through the State of New Mexico.

The UNMCCC monitors and operates the West Parking lot in cooperation with UNM PATS Enforcement Division.  Our on-going Accessible Parking Initiative is designed to safeguard the availability of ADA/handicapped parking spaces for legitimate users. As part of the initiative, we are requesting that all staff who have a valid Handicapped Placard personally issued to them, register with the UNMCCC Parking Enforcement office, located on the 4th Floor of the Administration building.  We will request front/back copies of the Handicapped Placard along with the employee’s badge.  Each staff member with an assigned handicapped placard will have their name, placard valid dates and primary vehicle information entered into the Parking Database at the UNMCCC.  It will be the employee’s responsibility to notify Parking Enforcement of any renewals to the placard and to provide copies of updated or replacement placards.  Failure to do so could result in a citation issued by PATS Enforcement Officers that carries up to a $250 fine for parking in a Handicap Zone. UNMCCC Parking Enforcement must ensure the placard is displayed with the permit number and expiration date clearly visible from the windshield. 

Please contact Mickie Segotta at MSegotta@salud.unm.edu or 505-925-0478 to register your ADA/handicapped placard by April 27, 2018.

PATS Enforcement Division operates pursuant by the authority granted in §29-5-1.1 NMSA 1978. It has the authority to enforce ADA/Handicapped parking areas pursuant to § 66-7-352.1 through 66-7-352.6 NMSA 1978, and 66-7-352.16 NMSA 1978. As a state agency, UNM Parking and Transportation Services has the authority and ability to access state motor vehicle records to ascertain responsible parties associated with all handicapped placards displayed in any vehicle on UNM property.


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