June 26, 2018

A/V Support Process

By msequeira

If your meeting requires any type of IT support, please submit an IT ticket at the following address


Include the following information:

  • Meeting title
  • Date
  • Start and end time
  • Room Location
  • Point of contact: Name, Phone Number, and email address
  • Specific instructions on what IT needs your meeting has: microphones, AV assistance (PowerPoint), teleconferencing, Zoom, meeting recording etc. (MAC adapters)

If the AV ticket does not have this information, it will be sent back and asked to be resubmitted.

If your meeting has been canceled, moved to a different date, time, or location, please send an email to Veronica San Martin, vsanmartin@salud.unm.edu, with these changes. (THERE IS NO NEED TO SUBMIT ANOTHER AV TICKET)


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